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Welcome to my poly world.  I’m Shama, a Life, Love & Sex Coach in Los Angeles and this site is to support all us folk experimenting our way into the expanding universe of alternative lovestyles and relationships.

I’ve been polyamorous about 15 years with a great pod that has been going on for just as long.  Fortunately, all of my poly partners have been very conscious and experienced leaders in the human potential field so I have learned from the best!  Some of us are single, some are married or in bonded partnerships.  We all are in love, lead our own lives, and meet up when and how we can, given our busy schedules, but we try to get together as a group at least once a quarter.

Although I prefer to avoid “labels,” I appreciate the intention of the polyamorous community offering a unified alternative paradigm with the basis for more authentic, honest and open, heart-centered relationships.  Although there are no real “rules” in this loosely structured community, we are all in agreement that we want to claim the freedom to step out of the box of outmoded traditions and ideas, and create loving relationships based on the true nature of our connections with others.  Polys with some experience have learned what works for them, which can be helpful to others as they attempt to navigate this relatively uncharted territory.  So, I have been sharing all I have learned along the way via Keynote Presentations at Poly conventions, appearances/interviews on cable, national television and radio, workshops and private coaching sessions.

There seems to be  a trend in our current evolutionary phase.  With so much radical change in the areas affecting sexuality and relationships, it is to be expected that we may find ourselves re-evaluating traditions that no longer serve.  In turn, in discovering what is to replace them, we are forced to step further into maturity, adult decisions, and generate and re-write some old stories to make some new ones.

Shama, CHt, CDC, TDE

I am here to support you in writing new stories for a life and relationships that fulfill your wildest dreams. As your Coach, I offer tools and exercises that will help you to develop your relationship-ability...in every aspect of your life.  You will experience nurturing and compassionate, sex-positive support, without judgment focusing on what works!

Check out the site, ask me questions, book a session, subscribe to the blog.  Check out the events page -- we are also creating a Poly Support Meet-up Group in the S.F. Valley.  I promise new features on the site as we grow. Your experience and input, is needed here, so let me know what you want, and I will do my best to make it happen.

Glad to be able to visit with you.


Contact me: Shama@ExpandingLove.com

Shama is Presenting @ The Berkeley Poly Conference July 11-13th 2014
udith Shama Malin http://www.meetup.com/Berkeley-Polyamory/events/183395362/

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