About Me - Your Alternative Lovestyles Coach


location  Van Nuys, CA

JOB:  Life, Love & Sex Coach

CONTACT:  Shama@ThePleasureParadigm.com

PHONE:  (818) 317-3447


I am a Life, Relationship & Sex Coach in Los Angeles longer than I have been participating in my polyamorous community.  My practice is very sex-positive and non-judgmental, supporting individuals, couples, and people in alternative lifestyles navigate the waters of relationships with tools and approaches that work! 

Check out www.TheRelatingRevolution.com for more information on my workshops and the sessions page for more private focus.

I have had the privilege of learning by inclusion from some poly masters in conscious relationship and love since I luckily fell in with an amazing tribe that we created from the ground up and that has weathered the test of time for over 15 years!

I have been a trainer and educator and successful coach for seekers of authentic and compassionate relationship in both the monogamous and poly paradigms specializing in self esteem issues, training tools for sexual issues and dating/relationship/sexual enhancement.  I am well connected in the community and am a faculty member and previous KeyNote Speaker at the World Polyamory Association events.

Living in a bonded partnership, I also have a college age daughter and a successful practice in Los Angeles.  Perhaps you have seen my recent appearances on “Here Come The Newlyweds” and the “I Want Your Sex” Episode of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians.”

I am available in my role as a Life, Love & Sex Coach for speaking engagements, television and radio shows.  I offer private coaching, workshops, phone/video sessions and more.  Just ask!